Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I love my UNIBROW! :)

Do you remember this commercial?

It is from 2006 and then again in 2007 - during Christmas time. It advertises a thing called a Garmin...but because close to the end, there is a lady with a unibrow on it, I have always called it the unibrow. Doesn't make sense? Yeah, welcome to what it's like in my head. :)

Anyway, the Garmin is a navigational tool that can direct you to exactly where you want to be. It was a gift at Christmas 2006 from my dad who wanted to make sure that his girls were safe. My little sister opted for a vacuum instead. So my older sister (who was not a huge fan of it at first) and I got one. I was so excited!

Unfortunately, mine had some sort of critical error where it would not load maps or provide any signal strength. One out of 13 times (umm...yeah, that's an accurate stat) it would work though...and that would always keep me coming back again in the hopes that it was finally working! Co-dependent, what? I was so bummed (and yes, it was like PRISON!) I learned that I could not depend on my unibrow. In the spring, I decided it would be easier to print off directions on the internet (I mean, really how archaic!) instead of hoping that it would work when I was driving. So I threw it in my glove compartment and forgot about it for six months. In the meantime, the older sister was using it like crazy. She moved to a new town and didn't have to worry about getting lost...because her unibrow works like a gem! I admit. I was jealous; after all, she was living my unibrow dream!

Anyway, I realized that by me moving into Denver proper and having no idea where the Sam Hill I am might be a problem. I finally got some tech support to work it out in December. It finally worked!

But because of my move, I had misplaced the power cord and the car charger. I threw it in the glove compartment again. :(

Two weekends ago I found the car charger. It was in a box labeled "Mary Kay" and really? Why did I not think to look there?!? Hello! Mary Kay could totally help with a unibrow. Sheesh.

Long story short (too late - I know) I've been using it since. Even for places that I'm pretty sure I do know where it is. It's fantastic! :)


Matt said...

Sad! The video is no longer available.... :( God, it's like PRISON!

Call me soon!

happyfunpants said...

WEIRD! It works for me. :(

Hopefully no one else is having the same issue.

Well...if you want to do it the non-easy way, you can go to and search for Garmin Christmas commercial. It's the first one that shows up. :(


And also, I love that you used the prison reference. You, Ms. S, rock.

Matt said...

OK, so I was able to view it on YouTube, and WOW, that is some unibrow!

kristi said...

Great thanks now I have that song stuck in my head!

lizardlove8496 said...

i am glad your unibrow works now! after what a great deal dad got, it is about time it was a great deal for you too. my vacuume still sucks wonderfully