Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sad faces


What you need to know is that work has SUCKED the big one in the last couple of days. Problem after problem has come up - some my doing, some not so much.

So yesterday, after a particularly rough day, I was looking forward to going home, vegging out on the way home (listening to some groovy tunes on my iPod). I usually put it on shuffle - so I can be surprised about which of the 3000 songs come up.

I pushed the button to go past that particular song and my iPod froze up. No big deal. I'll just re-set it.
But then, the SAD MAC FACE came up on it. :(
<---for those that don't know. This is the actual picture that shows up on the iPod. :(

I hate the sad Mac face. :( It makes ME sad.

I'll try to reconfigure the iPod tonight (I had to do this once a couple of months ago), but really? How many more sad faces will it be before it dies for sure? It's not really that big of a deal seeing as how this iPod is several years old and I listen to the thing most days at work and on the way to and from work. What I'm saying is that I've gotten my money's worth.

But it IS sad.

And in the meantime I have to listen to CDs. You remember those...those little, flat, round shiny things?


It feels like PRISON!

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Jen said...

OH NOOOOOoooo! That is sad!! I've heard about the sad mac faces but I've never seen one, THANKFULLY!! I would be lost without my iPod.

I hope you get yours reconfigured!!