Monday, April 14, 2008

Manic Monday...

Since technically it is now Monday, I can officially say that today (more importantly tonight) I'm going to TRY to be good.

I'm going to be very busy tonight.

I have NO clue how to accomplish that. But I will come up with a plan to keep me busy.

Perhaps I shall rent a movie, practice paddle shifting on the Mini, go for a bike ride (if it's a nice day), or even work on my taxes (relax, I filed an extension). Maybe I'll make a new friend and we'll play Mad Libs. Hey, it could happen!

I just need diversions tonight...because I can tell, I will probably have no willpower. Especially since I was looking forward to tonight.


Delayed gratification? Yeah, not a big fan.


Ford said...

tell me about it, sister....the delayed gratification stuff? Meh- not so much. How about......oh, let me see...NOW?!?!?

happyfunpants said...

Yeah, well if you have any tips, be sure to let me know! :)

In the meantime, do you want to play Mad Libs? :)


lizardlove8496 said...

as for me, i have not even begun to procrastinate yet

Ford said...

Hope the night didn't whup your rear too badly... I've had my share of those in the recent past, and writing and exercising to manic proportions are two things that helped. Not much, mind you, but at least it makes the time go. Hang in there. ;)

The Girls' Moma said...

Hey. What are you guys TALKING about? I'm all ABOUT delayed gratification. Really. It rocks. My socks.

happyfunpants said...


Your socks DO rock. I'm just saying.