Sunday, April 27, 2008


Great. The writer's strike is over. Yay.

I've been looking forward to 'The Office' and 'Grey's Anatomy' for MONTHS.

'The Office' is so very funny. I love it. Seriously, if you don't watch it, I don't know why. As in there is no excuse great enough. Last week I laughed so hard that when I was done watching it, I was smiling for the rest of the night!

'Grey's Anatomy' on the other hand...well... See, I just watched the episode from this past week. Sure, it seems like it would be good. I mean, if you watched the previews, you probably knew that a guy was mauled by a bear and his intestines spilled out of his body. That always makes for good stuff. But the first part of the show (the footage before they flashed the title) showed George in his new apartment. And there were roaches. EVERYWHERE.

The rest of the episode was good. But I swear, each time I saw George all I could think of were the roaches...and how he literally smashed one right in front of my eyes at the beginning.

Here's the thing, GA writers. You had MONTHS to come up with something good. And the best you had was roaches at the beginning? I HATE roaches! Mostly because when I was a kid, my older sister told me that roaches climb up your legs and then try to eat your eyebrows. I can think of nothing scarier than roaches dangling from my eyebrows...their little legs hitting my eyelashes. I am SO afraid of these's a wonder I'm not screeching while perched precariously on my couch just having seen them on TV. It's bad enough that every time the tip of my ponytail brushes against my neck I cringe and get the eebie jeebies.

GA writers - I'm taking a page from Steven Colbert's book. You are officially on notice.

No more roaches on your show or I will tell your mom on you.


kristi said...

Do you really think this season of the Office is that good? I'm disappointed, quite frankly. I keep hoping it will get better. I did LOL when Jim bent down to tie his shoe and Pam thought he was proposing!

kristi said...

Oh and if you hate roaches, definitely don't come to my office. We've been having an issue where cockroaches fall out of the light fixtures! One project manager felt something fall and it turned out to be a cockroach... it fell down the back of his shirt and crawled out of his sleeve! GROSS!

Ford said...
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Ford said...

This is how lame I am- I just saw my first American office last week. Some chick made me watch it. I always thought that since I watched the British one, the American one would stink....well, that chick's now giving me all the seasons that she has on disc! :)

And GA? I stopped watching that seriously when there stopped being random deaths every episode. I enjoyed trying to figure out who was going to croak. Seriously.

happyfunpants said...

Dude. That chick is cool! The Office is very funny. True, before the strike (and technically still this season) it was getting a tad mundane...but since the strike? Muy bueno!

And GA? Yeah - it *has* gotten a tad silly. But I do still love me some McDreamy.

Ginger said...

About roaches:
Because I am afraid to step on them (it's the crunch that does me in), and because, unlike the spiders, roaches are unwanted in my house, I scream at them to "GET. OUT!!!! NOW!!!" If a spider is in my kitchen, I politely ask him/her to go into another room or at least find a more suitable place to stand so as not to be squished or eaten by the cat. Roaches just piss me off. Assholes.

happyfunpants said...

Kristi: No more stories like that around me. Or when I get out of the looney bin from having a breakdown, I will tell your mom on you.

Ging: I wish that I could scream at the roaches. Instead, I'm too busy breathing into a paper bag. But they are assholes. :)