Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who knows what could happen?

This made me laugh just thinking about it tonight - so I decided to post about it.

This past weekend I was in Dallas...we stayed at the beautiful, wonderful, fantastic hotel - the LaQuinta of Grand Prairie. Okay...who am I kidding? It was kind of a dive. BUT they had waffle makers that made waffles in the shape of Texas. And really, isn't that more important?

Anyway, as I was checking out on Sunday morning, I noticed that there was a sign on the front desk. It said:

Put your business card in the fishbowl.

Who knows what could happen?

You could win a free night's stay!!!

Um... Yeah. I'm guessing I know what could happen now. I could win a free night's stay! Am I right? :)


Anonymous said...

Well, isn't that a shocker? I thought that all LaQuintas were bastions of glamor and beauty! Must have had some idiot book that room!

happyfunpants said...

All I know is that the guy who booked the room had the last name that began with a K. :) He is a redhead - and really, doesn't that show how cool he is?

Honestly - it wasn't horrible. :)