Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Backstreet's back (all right!) (also called Craziness in El Paso, take 3)

Last week, I was in this hellhole El Paso for my younger sister's college graduation.

While waiting for the group to arrive in the Don Haskin's center, we noted that there was super secret service/security working the crowd. Now, Elizabeth graduated with an associates degree. I think it's safe to assume that no one in the crowd wished to harm a future nurse, baker, photographer, or even cosmetologist. Therefore, I didn't quite understand the guys...in suits...guarding the people. Which people? THE PEOPLE. Which people? Us, graduates, veterans? Who knows.

They were guarding the people from the dangers. It was like LIVING a 6 o-clock news broadcast (as in: What common graduation gift could kill you and yours? More at 11 - here on Channel 2). Apparently balloons are bad. So are flowers. So are air horns. So are cellophane wrappers. Also packages of peanuts.

Anyway, the super secret service/security guard in front of us took his job very seriously. So seriously, that I stared at him. They were wearing suits and headphone thingies. And that's when I noticed that I have seen him before. He's totally an old Backstreet Boy singer! You know, there's Mickey, Justin (oh la la!), Phil, Ted, Clint, and Howie.

Anyway, this is clearly one of them - the guy in the suit... you know, the one humming "The Right Stuff."Here he is scanning the crowd for any Tiffany posters.

And here he is telling a reporter that he's not available for comment as to whether he's the "gay one" or the "bad boy":
So there's that.

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SuperDave said...

I hope you have a great Christmas!!