Monday, December 01, 2008


Sometimes I'm slow. And I'm not just talking about the times when I'm walking around the mall and stuck behind other people who are walking in a zig zag fashion at about 0.1 mph.

I'm talking about how I just ended NaBloPoMo and I'm posting today.

AND I'm talking about how people told me how cool Facebook was and I was all, "Dude. I have a myspace page. And it is pretty fly. And I've contacted people via myspace. So what can Facebook really bring me?"

And then others told me of it's general fantastic-ness. But I found out that you had to put your full name on Facebook. Having been stalked by ex-boyfriends, I didn't find this too exciting. But then I learned that not just anyone can see your have to approve them. And that is something I could get behind.

So this afternoon, I joined.

It is a mecca of people that you forgot. Lots of people you wish you still could forget. But buried in there are people that you didn't want to forget - it just happened.

Facebook is smart. It takes people you are friends with and then suggests people that you might know too. So it's like searching for people lazy style. And hello! I love lazy.

The best thing is that you can post smart ass comments about people and things via a wall. A wall of comments. Facebook had me at "smart ass comments."

So I'm here to tell you that Facebook rocks. Perhaps I love it so much because I went to high school in Texas and college in Missouri. So I don't exactly see Michael Guadagno every day. And how can you NOT want to be friends with a guy who has the last name of Guadagno? It's virtually impossible.

Alright, friends, I'm off to the bathroom to put on my face to look pretty for a first date tonight. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it'll end in drunken craziness and a perscription for Plan B, but it should be adventurous all the same.

OMG I AM KIDDING. You don't need a perscription for Plan B anymore.


happyfunpants said...

Yes, I'm kidding. If you wonder if I'm being serious or I'm not, I'm probably not.

Amy said...

Good luck on your date. You will have to post about it if you want to share. I am on facebook also. Go and find me. Jen is on there also and I am one of her friends.

Jen said...

Welcome to Facebook!! Ok this is SO sad! I just checked out your page and you have 45 friends and this is your FIRST DAY!! I've been on since Facebook was practically created and I only have like 20 friends! So sad!! Oh well what can I say, you're just THAT popular!!

SuperDave said...

You crack me up!
First dates - I bet you have no problem "talking it up" with anyone. You seem very outgoing - that could work in your favor..
Have Fun!

Ginger said...

Hey! You got kissed! That's a great first date!!! Or beer goggles and endorphins did their best work.. I vote for good date!

POD said...

I'm slow too. It's Tuesday and I am only reading this Monday post now. And I'm on Facebook and I like it better than myspace but lots of my friends complain that it's too confusing. I tell 'em to snap out of it.

kristi said...

Okay, I'm slow at posting on my blog, but I love reading yours! I am glad you like Facebook! I can't believe you have more friends than me too! haha!

Soooooo, how did the date go?