Monday, December 08, 2008

Now that's what I call old

This weekend I was wrapping Christmas presents. When I started wrapping them, I was watching a show on MTV called "Celebrity Rehab." I found I'm not a big fan. But since the remote was all the way up on the couch arm and I was on the floor it seemed like too much effort to change the channel.

Anyway, the commercial for "Now That's What I Call Music" came on 28 times during the half hour of TV I watched. Around the 17th time, I realized that I am old.

I used to know all of the songs that they featured on the commercial. Ride the Train? Check. Total Eclipse of the Heart? Check. Tootsie Roll? Check.

But now, with their latest version (I think they're on 853,921), I've realized that I recognized two songs and only four artists. Ne-yo is one of the many artists I don't even kind of recognize. Seriously? That's this guy's name?


I am old.

To make me feel not so old, please let me know what your favorite dance song is. It does not necessarily have to have been featured on "Now That's What I Call Music" but you get bonus points if it has.

I'll start you off...Mine? It's "Ride the Train."


Mark and Joella said...

Don't matter how old you get, I will always be older :) And one of my favorite dance songs is "Jump Around" by House of Pain.

SuperDave said...

LOL !!
I was going to say "Jump Around"
Love that song!!!!
All I wanna Do - Sheryl Crow
I think I'm older than both of you.. :(
1 more - "This is how we do it" Montell "little girl raper" Jordan

Patty said...

Move Ya Body by Nina Sky. Love it.

Michael GuadYAWNYO said...

"Gonna make you sweat" by C&C Music Factory. I'm such a playa.

happyfunpants said...

Oooh - those are good. I'm going to have to bust out some fly tunes at lunch, yo'.

kelly said...

Groove Is In The Heart - it!

Kris said...

ohhh how about 'regulators mount up'
of course 'ice ice baby' and I can sing you the WHOLE song! Yup, I am proud of dat, so?

Anonymous said...

Does "Atomic Dog" count?
Ohhhhhhh....yeaahhhhh.... :)