Friday, December 19, 2008

Craziness in El Paso, part two (also called "Yeah, why?")

Again, at the airport.
Since sometimes blogger shrinks your images and you can't get a closer look, I'll tell you what it says.

First, it is for a place that handles logistics of shipping - i.e. a trucking company with extras.

Second, the sign says, "If you need and experienced Warehouse Provider, then why use a Trucking Company/Customs Broker that also has a Warehouse?"

Further below it talks about how this company DOES have a warehouse. And also "Exceeding Customers' Expectations Since 1962."

There are so very many things wrong with this poster, I don't even know what to say. Except that whatever employee was in charge of editing is fired. The punctuation alone is enough to make me tear out my hair.


happyfunpants said...

For the record, I'm totally submitting that picture to the FAILblog.


POD said...

I agree. I wonder why we'd use that company when they can't even get their poster punctuation straight? I'm really picky that way. (who cares, huh?) But seriously, what would these folks do with my logistics and shipping if they can't write a simple sentence?

I wonder who they're actually quoting in that last sentence? (not really)

Craig said...

Why is there a trucking company sign at the airport? I'm a bit confused. If you are flying...
Is the baggage terminal in El Paso still a really smooth piece of stone? They could have just as well used ice.
I envy your EP trip a bit. I haven't been back since the train wreck of my 10 year reunion. Where someone we both know showed me the "these are my babies of the rainbow" collection, and this is my new husband.