Friday, October 03, 2008

At least I've got that going for me...

Remember that song by Matthew Wilder? "Ain't nothin' gonna' break my stride?"

Well...last night I DID have the strangest dream...but I didn't sail away to China to find ya' even though you had to get your laundry clean.

Side note: I loved that song as a kid. It was about laundry or so I thought. Not that I loved laundry or anything, but it was something that I could at least wrap my small mind around. Not like those songs about Sexual Healing or songs asking if I really wanted to hurt them and make them cry.

And...we're back!

So anyway, I had a weird dream last night. I was back at a high school reunion and my first task upon arriving was to participate as catcher in a softball game. I've never been to a reunion (I skipped my 10 year) so I can only assume that this is what goes on. Shortly thereafter, I made a game winning catch to have someone out and people cheered from the stands. It was nice to get some recognition for all the hard work I put into the game.

We were all in the dugout wiping sweat from our brows and I noticed some people who I genuinely missed. We started talking about their lives as a way to catch up - and they passed over pictures of their kids. I was so happy for them, that I literally started crying in my dream. I just was glad that kids had a good home - even if some of them looked like mutant turtle children. And I think I can pause so that we can all reflect on how mutant turtle children need good homes too.

So we went to a classroom where people were showing us on powerpoint slides what was new with them. One lady got up to talk about how she was on myspace and how wonderful that was. It got to me and I told the story about my uneventful life in a funny way. And people laughed and said that they missed me and they didn't know that I could tell stories like that. And I was all, If you like that, I've got loads of stupid stories on my blog. Everyone gasped and the teacher (uhh...because when you come back for class reunions apparently you should also still have a teacher to tell you what to do) asked all of us to write down my blog address. And they did.

And then I lived happily ever after woke up.

Now I recognize that that was silly, but it was so much better than all the you're-trying-to-take-a-test-that-you've-never-studied-for-and-oh-yeah-you're-naked-too dreams that I have from time to time.

I may not have an exciting life. I may not be where I thought I'd be at this age. But at least I'm comfortable being me...something that I certainly wasn't in high school (was anyone?).

Besides, the teacher recommended MY bog.

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