Friday, October 03, 2008

I think they call that being a poor sport

Remember this post?

Well, since I lost the bet, I came through. I wanted to make something yummy for those in the office but I still wanted to mock Lance. Because I'm a sad, small person. :)

So here is the final result.

I wanted to make sure that the people knew that I spelled something, but I felt a little weird spelling out "sucks" for everyone at my office to read.

So, if you follow the arrows, you'll be able to read the second word. The third and fourth words (BECAUSE GOOD GRIEF - "A LOT" IS TWO SEPERATE WORDS!) will follow in the same zig zag pattern. I put the smiley on there mainly because "I'm just saying" wouldn't fit. Besides, everything is better with vodka smileys.

And in case you're wondering, there are toothpicks in some of the cupcakes so that I could cover the dish with tinfoil and my hard work of the design wouldn't get mucked up.


Ginger said...

Are you sure the toothpicks aren't also for Lance(sucks)a lot? Hmmm.

But I admire your coding. I bet no one in the office knew what you were doing.. Hey, maybe you should work for the CIA -your specialty being cupcake (de)classification..
Anne Not Kennedy - Calssified Cupcake Department.
Anne CCD. Wait. Isn't CCD something Catholic?
Damn. I mean whoops.
Wait, huh?
You're pretty.

happyfunpants said...

G- you crack me up. Seriously.

I'm thinking that should I look for a different job, I'll be able to put this on my resume. Or maybe I'll just show up WITH cupcakes in a weird code.

Naahh - I've got to look at finding a new job like dating. It's best to hide the crazy at first.

ACCD (which is markedly different than ACDC) :)