Wednesday, October 29, 2008

insert groaning sound here

My groaning is not because I'm trying to be spooky for Halloween.

No, it's because I bought something off an infomercial that has officially kicked my ass. I bought "The Firm" toning set. Basically, it was cheaper than paying for a personal trainer, something that I could do to keep my work-outs fresh and effective, and a way to tone versus just losing weight (which typically results in loss of muscle). Basically, when I'm done losing weight, I don't want to look like a shar-pei. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

So I got the DVDs on Monday night and I decided to put it in yesterday after getting home from work. The instructor kept saying "if you're new, don't use any weights" but I was all "DUDE! Does she know who I am? I do this every Thursday at the gym and I'm sure I can do this stupid little DVD. In fact, not only will I use weights, but I'll use more than what they send with the kit. I'll use 5 pound weights for each arm. That'll show them."

60 minutes and what felt like one million squats and tricep curls (are they called curls when you're working on your triceps? No? Well, then I meant to write whatever the heck they're actually called) later when the DVD ended and I was sore, I thought to myself that I might not have done the smarter thing. And typically when I think that, it ends up being true.

So today? I'm groaning every time I shift positions. Which means tomorrow I'll be lucky if I can walk.

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