Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Church just got a WHOLE lot more exciting!

The other day (I think it's called Sunday), I went to church.

During the children's sermon, they had the typical kids coming down the aisles to gather around the speaker, who typically sits down on the steps to the alter. So all the kids sit down on the steps along sider her - very nice indeed! The speaker that day was a woman, who actually had a great lesson about how no matter how you try, things aren't fair and even. She demonstrated this by getting a scale out and putting different size rocks on the scales (she would alternate between the sides, putting rocks on whichever side was less) continuously asking, "Are they even now?"

Here's the thing. This lady was wearing a trendy shirt. But when she bent over to get the rocks and put them on the sides of the scale, you could CLEARLY see her boobs dangling via her gaping neckline - like MANY inches of dangling boobage. Like I was actually shocked because when she'd bend over, you didn't see any trace of a bra (no nipples, but definitely no bra either - maybe it was a shelf bra?). The men on either side of me straightened up in the pew everytime she bent over.

Her asking if "they" were even wasn't exactly helping.


kristi said...

Haha! That's really funny, yet so embarrassing! I like how the men kept perking up when she would lean over. That would make for an exciting Church experience!

Chrystibella said...

Oh my, oh my!!! That must have been an intersting site. Certainly a boost in the service. LOL! The kicker being, "Are these even?"

My dad told me once of when he was walking his two dogs and this woman bent down to pet the dogs and he could see down her shirt and she kept saying, "Aw look at them, aren't they precious!"

Men will be men!

Great story! Though I can imagine how embarrassing it would have been to be her.

happyfunpants said...

Too funny about the dogs (and I mean the furry creatures and the men). :)

I can't really blame them though - I couldn't help but look and I couldn't care less about boobs. :)

In Other Words said...

That is hilarious! Things really are not "even" in this life, even when we try to present life lessons in church.

McG said...

OMG! you know what I love.... er like .... er.....

Ok. I'm a perv. And I can't help but notice that dresspants ARE INDEED the most flattering sorts of bottoms for men, and where are there an abundance of men in dresspants? CHURCH!!!!

mmmmmmm, church.