Monday, October 13, 2008

Tree trunks for legs

Today (for the first time) someone who didn't know that I am trying to lose weight commented on my weight loss. She is the wife of a person who works with us and, in general, someone I can't stand because she's rude. Not as rude as the lady from the Cheesecake Factory outing, but close.

Today she said to our assistant receptionist (BTW, why do we NEED two? There are only 20 people working at our facility!), "Is Anne losing weight?" And our receptionist who knew that I was getting healthier said that I was.

So Roberta (yes, that IS her name) said, "Wow. I noticed because your butt looks a lot smaller." I smiled and answered her questions about how much weight (about 25 pounds) and how long I've been at it (since mid July) and that's when she said, "Yeah, I noticed because you carry all of your weight in your legs. Well, and your butt. Anyway, now you're starting to look a little more proportional."

First, carrying my weight only in my lges and butt can't biologically be true...unless your a head and torso-less person. Secondly, I've always told myself that I'm a fairly proportional person. I may be bigger, but I'm bigger everywhere. I'm top heavy and bottom heavy...well, just plain old heavy, but I guess I always figured that it all balanced out. I've seen people that have been significantly bottom heavy and never really envisioned myself looking a bunch like them, NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT. It just was a little weird to think that the body type that I think I have may not be what it actually is.

But, in an effort to take the good and leave the bad, I just smiled and realized that I was happy that my effort to be healthier is having other positive effects, like looking healthier. No matter what my shape is, it's getting smaller. I took her compliment, backhanded though it may be, and went on with my day, motivated that people are starting to notice.

I think that's called progress.


kristi said...

Wow 25 pounds! That's quite an accomplishment! You might have to let me in on your secret! I'm glad that someone noticed, even if she didn't know how to give you a proper compliment. At least you know that others are probably noticing as well! Way to go!!!

gina said...

Arent you just amazed at what people think is OK to say out loud? My favorite is one that happened to a good friend "have you gained weight?" a housekeeping staff said to her. "actually, I've lost weight" my friend replied. "WELL, MAYBE IN YOUR FACE!" the lady said.

Congrats on the loss. That's awesome!

happyfunpants said...

OMG. Gina, that is the funniest thing I've read all day. I realize that the chances of you checking back to see if there was a comment on your comment are the same as me finding out Anderson Cooper is not gay. But still, thanks for the laugh.

And KK? Thanks for the support. :)

McG said...

Congrats, Anne. That's an awesome achievement. Keep up the good work. And the next time she says you carry your weight in your legs, you should tell her you actually carry it all in your foot and "I'ma gonna break it off in yo @$$"