Friday, February 13, 2009

The gays come up with all the good stuff

I was checking through my Reader and noticed the title of an article on It's titled "Mass Make-Out Session Planned for Tomorrow at CU." How could I not click?

I love the gays. You guys have all the best ideas. And I'm not just talking about Beyonce's dance moves or the BeDazzler.

In case you haven't clicked, what's essentially going on is that a bunch of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students are going to be "challenging" societal norms by making out like "crazy" for two minutes at 11:53 a.m. with whomever they want. Then, apparently, just as quickly as it started, they will go back to their lives.

But really, doesn't that sound like something some frat guy came up with? I mean, can't you see some guy who looks like Seth Rogan with a beer bong and pizza stained shirt getting up on a table at a party and announcing that for the next two minutes you NEED to kiss whoever is next to you? Sure, he'd belch afterwards, but I can totally picture it.

My only beef (haha) with it is this sentence: "The kissers will be joined by their straight allies."


I can't even get action on Friday the 13th at an organized kissing rally. New low? Yeah, it's right about now.


Amy said...

That is different.

Amy said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Craig said...

That makes me smile.