Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This post is so overdue, even I'M ashamed :)

I can't believe that I have let this much time pass without telling you about the COOLEST thing I received in the mail a little over a week ago.

I got a valentine. IN THE MAIL!

How fun is that?

The best part is that it was from my friend Kristi and I was touched at how thoughtful it was of her to have sent it to me.

She rocks.

And I suck. See, I decided that I am no good at remembering people's birthdays well enough to post about them each year. So I stopped. Only Kristi's birthday is in she got screwed. I mean, I remembered her birthday and sent her a message via FB or MySpace (you know, something REALLY touching), but I didn't write about her on my blog.

Let me just say that Kristi was one of my very favorite residents that lived on a floor that I was the RA of. She was the most polite resident ever and I could never go near her room without hearing fits of giggles. She and her roommate, Sara (and usually two girls across the hall), were always having fun. Except when we had fire alarms that were pulled in the middle of the night. FOR SEVEN WEEKS IN A ROW. That sucked.

But Kristi? She was great. And now that we're older, I'm getting to know Kristi better...and I love the woman that she's become. She is a fantastic, smart, beautiful person who I'm so lucky to have gotten to know! :)

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