Monday, February 02, 2009

I'll never cheer for the Steelers again...or maybe I just hate February

I went over to Matt and Kelly's house to watch part of the game. I ate my weight in the most delicious "pigs in a blankets" ever. Seriously. She might have injected crack into the weenies. All I know is that they were the best thing...ever.

Anyway, I opted to meet my friend Greg for a beer after the game. When we were leaving the restaurant and as we were approaching my car, I noticed piles of puke next to my passenger door. I was bummed...but that was only until I noticed that my window on my car was smashed. Then I was just sad. :(

Now, MINIs have a HUGE side windows. My passenger window was shattered - with glass pieces all over my car. It was then that I realized that I had done something I usually never do...which was leaving my iPod in the car. So I opened the door (which sent the rest of the glass that had been upright falling into my car) to see if it was still there...and I could see in plain view that it was. My radio was there. My glove box was untampered with. But the blanket and Whole Foods reuseable bags that I had folded in the front seat had been decidedly relocated to my driver's side seat.

I have a couple of theories:
1) A drunk person fell into the window and then needed a bag to keep throwing up in. He took one and then shoved the rest into the driver's side.
2) A really bad burglar decided to steal the iPod but then got distracted and opted to move stuff anyway.
3) A drunk person fell into the car and then to make it look like it was a robbery, moved the stuff.
4) The drummer from the date a couple of weeks ago really did just want to know what sitting in the passenger side of the car felt like.
5) Kurt Warner was so pissed at losing the game that he decided to smash a window in Denver.
6) Cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers is bad luck.
7) The month of February is cursed. Why, in a few short days it will have been a year since my rear window EXPLODED while driving on my way to the airport.
8) Two words: Keyser Soze*

Do you have any theories?

*I just told Larry this theory. And was all "Who?" And seriously, if you don't know who I'm talking about, do yourself a favor and rent (and watch) "The Usual Suspects" RIGHT NOW.


Amy said...

Sorry to hear about that. I hope you can get in fixed with out it costing too much.

Kelly said...

one of the best movies EVER!

SuperDave said...

Dang that really sucks..
Sry. That is the oddest story..
Are you going to Saran Wrap your window until you get it fixed?
Sounds like a drunk that fell into it. Vomiting - any blood drops?

kristi said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe there was a broken window AND vomit... gross! Perhaps the would-be burglar got nervous hence the puke. I'm glad your iPod wasn't stolen. You might want to lysol your interior just in case :)