Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Juggling guys is harder than juggling balls

And seriously? I suck at juggling balls.

Here's the thing: I get some of the guys names confused. Because some of them we end up only swapping an email or two before one or both of us lose interest. And some of them have confusing usernames...like "justcallmephil" but his name is actually Gene. Just kidding. I don't think I would date someone whose name was Gene.* But I can't fault them too much - because my username is a variation of "coloradodaisy" and some people assume my name is Daisy EVEN THOUGH I don't have any pictures of me next to the Duke brothers OR "The General Lee" posted on my profile. I mean, I plan to show him those pictures later!

All I'm saying is that keeping the dates, their interests, etc. separate is getting a tad confusing. Now, I recognize that I'm sounding whiney after I posted last week about being worried of not having more interest. But that's the thing. I'M A CHICK. Which means that I can change my mind at the drop of the hat and use that excuse that I'm a chick. Yes...using that cop out IS a beautiful thing. It's like compensation for cramps.

Anyway, this dating thing is actually pretty fun right now. Like, it's nice to realize that there are some really great guys out there. And it's nice to realize that there are many different options. The guy I went out with last night? I'm sure girls would crawl all over themselves to date him. He is a drummer in a nationally popular band. But he can't put four words together in less than 2 minutes. And no, he wasn't nervous. Stoned? Maybe. He talked to me about how he can get groupies at pretty much any time. Um...nice. Way to tell me something that makes me regret my shaking your hand at the beginning of the date.

He was just weird. And I couldn't care less! Well...I take that back. I used some good joke material on him last night. Not to wow him, but more because I was having an "on" night - like I was funny. And he was just staring at me, blinking slowly, clearly not getting my funny stuff. And I cared about that...because I was all THIS IS FUNNY STUFF AND IT'S THE ONLY THING I HAVE!

The date ended with him walking with me to my car. He said, "I've always wanted to ride in a MINI." And I said, "Oh! The MINI dealership will totally let you test drive one - you should try one out." After his comment about he wanted to sit in the passenger side of one I responded, "Well, I'm sure they'd let you sit there if you wanted to do that too." And then I looked at him with my most innocent expression, blinking slowly as if I didn't know what he was hinting at.


It sucks having someone stare at you, blinking slowly, clearly not getting what you're talking about, doesn't it?

*Gene is a fine name.


Amy said...

That guy was pretty strange. It will get better. When I was out there in the dating game I met some pretty interesting guys. Some just I am not sure what I was thinking. Others I had fun with. It is kind of neat to met all kinds of people.

Patally said...

I bet iTunes has an app for an iPhone to help you keel track of the different guys details. It's probably called something funny, too; your call. I'm using mine now and it even uses the cool capitalization on it's words, like iTunes, iPhone, iPhoto, etc.

Timp said...

First of all I'm glad to know someone else out there has embraced the word "chick" to describe the female gender. It makes me feel less like a pig.

That quickly passes, though, when I realize I'm a drummer. If you ever have the opportunity to date a drummer in the future, run fast, run far. We're nothing but trouble.

the girls' moma said...

Hey! Gene is my dad's name!

And, um, I'm pretty sure you just used "suck" and "balls" in the same sentence.

Are you trying to get more hits on this blog with that or what?!?