Thursday, January 29, 2009

Whisper quiet

Yesterday, I woke up and found that I had lost my voice. It's one of those things that people have been praying for for years. Sometimes the prayers have sounded like a rhetorical question ("why can't she just lose her voice?"). Sometimes they've been like a hopeful suggestion ("you should probably stop talking now or you may lose your voice") even when I wasn't sick at all.So I hope you enjoyed your 24 hours where I was mute.

I called in sick and had to whisper instructions to Lance about the stuff that I had planned on doing.

And then I slept. And slept. And slept.

People were giving me home remedies to help - like drinking warm tea with lemon and honey in it. Or better yet, with whiskey in it. The only alcohol I have in my house is Malibu Rum and cranberry flavored vodka. I felt that adding lemon and honey to either one would've made it less like a medicine and more like a drink that had to have an umbrella in it. Besides, the rum would've made me miss someone even more than I already do.

The good news? The 82 pound gain I had from last week was lost in three days. I was pretty much on a Ramen and cough drops only diet...who says that carbs pack on the pounds? Why, I feel so good I just might make myself a mixed know...for health reasons.

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Amy said...

Hope you are feeling better very soon. Glad you had time to sleep it off.