Sunday, January 04, 2009

A little change

One of my favorite gifts I received this holiday season was a key chain from my aunt.

She gave one to my sisters and I when she was down for the graduation celebration in December. It's monogrammed for each one of us and as you might have noticed, it has a penny and a quarter on the keychain. When we opened the gift, all three of us looked up to her in slight confusion.

She explained that all of our successes that the three of us have had has been due to just a little change. And she wanted us to know that with a little change we can be unstoppable. We can accomplish all of our goals.

I know, it's a simple idea. And admittedly it's a little hokey. But I like it. :)

With all the talk this time of year about big New Year's Resolutions, I keep going back to the "little change" idea. We all don't have to make these big insurmountable goals because a little change each time adds up.

Here's to hoping that you push yourself to change in those little ways so that you will be healthier - mind, body, and soul by the end of 2009.

It's going to be a great year!


Jen said...

What a cool idea!! I love this post and think it is so true!! When big resolutions are made they are rarely kept but little change is something that we can attain and reach!! I hope 2009 is a great one for you!! Glad to see you blogging again!! I've missed you!!

Amy said...

I love your new look to your blog. I love that key chain? Where did she get it.

I also love the "little change"

Happy New Year to you.

happyfunpants said...

Thanks for the compliment about my blog! :) I did a lot of things - LONG overdue - including adding you to the blogroll! :)

I'm not sure where she got the keychain from - maybe a place like Things Remembered or some other place where you can inscribe objects. She did the drilling of the change thing herself.

Happy New Year to you too! :)

You know who said...

I too and glad to see you blogging again. You have had some great changes just in the time I have known you, and you are great for them.

In honor of the changes you have made, I am going to change the spelling of my name (from Patailey to Patalley) just to keep your never been wrong streak alive.

Here is to a year of less sarcasm, more know the rest.

(the cat formerly known as "Patailey")

Charlie Hills said...

I have a similar "small change" concept which I'll probably be blogging about in the next month or so. (Part of my New Year resolution to actually try and help people once in a while on me blog.)

I like the keychain, though, as a physical reminder.

Congrats on the new blog. I love your new 'me' picture too!

SuperDave said...

It will be a good year!
I like the look of the blog!