Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Date 2 of 4

Last night I went on date #2* for the week.

The great thing about the dating process is that I have found that who they are is actually pretty clearly represented in their emails and profile. Like I THOUGHT that the guy last night would be very nice, sweet, understanding, and kind. And he was. We went to a bar that is about 4 blocks from my house. In fact, I've ridden past there several times on terrifying trips to REI so that I could bike on the paths around there. Curiously, I will also be meeting date #4 (Thursday night) there. I figure that as long as the hostess doesn't say something like, "hey - aren't you the one from Tuesday night?" I'll be okay.

Anyway, the guy from last night WAS very sweet. He's originally from Romania and although he's lived in the states for 10 years now, he hasn't lost his accent. We talked about music, what we do for fun, winter sports, old jobs, beer, directions around Denver, family, what his favorite things about New York and Romania are and even about what his least favorite things about those places were. All of those topics took 20 minutes. I was there an hour and a half.

My favorite two parts of the conversation were these:
me: So - where in Denver do you live?
him: I live in a place called Aurora. It's a suburb of Denver - just east of Denver.

What you need to know if you don't live in Denver, is that everyone has heard of Aurora. :) It was cute.

The second was this:
me: So, what type of music do you like?
him: I like Megadeath, Metallica...and....Michelle Branch.

Quite the spectrum.

The date tonight is with a guy that I went out with last week. He's funny, and I think we're on the same page on a lot of stuff. While I don't know what tonight will bring (am I the only one who thinks that chemistry sometimes takes a date or two to figure out?), I am confident that I will laugh and have a lot of fun.

It's turning out to be a busy week, but so far, I'm having a great time.

*haha. I wrote #2.


Amy said...

Sounds like a fun time. Can't wait to hear about Thursday's date. Good luck..

Jen said...

Glad you're having fun! That's what it should it be about!! Your Date from the other night is TOO funny!! Michelle Branch and Metallica in the same sentence!! I got a good laugh at that one!!

Can't wait to hear about the other dates!!

Patty said...

I agree with you. Sometimes chemistry does take a date or two. I like the guy from Romania. That was cute and sweet.