Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm doing it...

I'm officially embracing this whole dating thing. Whether I want to at times or not. The advice that some of you gave of "wait for longer than two days" was sound. Turns out I'm doing pretty good afterall. Larry gave me a better being "So what? If you only get one more email for the rest of the time you're on match, and he turns out to be the guy you marry and love forever, who cares how many emails you got before him?" And I found it hard to argue with that.

While I haven't seen anyone online yet that just wows me, I'm going to try. Mostly because I don't enjoy being scared of things...and I try to conquer things that seem like they have a hold over me.

So, wish me luck. Although my intention is NOT to roast the guys on here, if something funny does happen I'll be sure to blog about it. I mean, sheesh...if you can't laugh at my life, who will? :)


POD said...

Makes me wish I were dating again just to have more insane things to blog about.
Some of the guys I dated were pretty interesting in only the way that interesting sounds not interesting.

Here's a post I wrote about an online relationship I was in prior to the guy I'm in a relationship now. (For when you're bored) haha

POD said...

Oh, also lots of luck. This can be a really fun time for you.

(and I'm not talking about sex too much)