Sunday, January 04, 2009

I'm just not that into this movie...

About 5 years ago, Oprah had Greg Behrendt on her show talking about his book, "He's Just Not That Into You." It actually was a line that he shared with one of the writers on "Sex and The City." She apparently found it so profound that she helped write it into a show. The episode was even named the "He's Just Not That Into You."

The book was fantastic. Really. I hear SO MANY WOMEN griping about their boyfriend and then defending his lack of calling, etc. the next. This book helps clear these types of situations up. If you haven't read it, basically it's book that goes through chapter by chapter all the ways that guys are hinting to you that they are not into you. Think of it as a brutally honest 12 step program. It was very helpful when I read it 4 years ago and as I'm entering the dating world, I'm debating re-reading it.


They've decided to make it into a movie. I think this was an asinine choice, but who am I to talk about what should and should not be made into a movie. Who wants a book of lists to be made into a movie? Besides every chapter is about a different thing. So unless they have totally different scenarios set up, it's going to be about one SERIOUSLY stupid girl who dates an a-hole. Even if they have different characters, I don't get why that would be something I would want to watch. They'll be acting out the scenarios of all the different ways guys dick you over (and not in a good way) with no continuity. It'd be like a sketch show made into a movie.

Also? It was embarrassing enough BUYING the book to take it home and read it. I'm certainly not going to buy a ticket to see it in the movie theater...or worse rent it on a lonely Friday night where the guy at the Blockbuster store KNOWS you're just going to go home, microwave a Lean Cuisine, and then practice writing Mrs. Paul Rudd* in your journal.


Not that that has happened to me recently.**

I'm just saying, I don't get why they're going to ruin a perfectly good book with a movie that has already been a book and a TV show. The worst part is? They've got about a ZILLION famous actors in the movie. Maybe I'll be surprised and wowed by the reviews - so much so that I'll shell out $15 for the movie...but I don't think so.

*SNL this past Saturday night was a re-run where Paul Rudd hosted. AND Justin Timberlake did the "Single Ladies" skit.

**items rented on NYE: Ghost Town, This is Spinal Tap, and Stepbrothers.


Michael Guadagno said...

Seriously. When are you coming to visit us?? I'm even teaching Mackenzie to refer to her pants as "happy" and "fun."

happyfunpants said...

As soon as you lift the restraining order, I'll be there.

Also, Mackenzie's pants ARE happy and fun. I'm glad you're raising her correctly. :)