Friday, January 23, 2009

Great expectations

Date #3 this week was very much what I expected. He is a very funny guy who has a great sense of humor. We also found out that we like the same random band local to Arizona...small world! It was a fun date. He seems to be more into me than I am to him...and I'm not quite sure how I feel about that yet. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm just scared, so I'm trying to push through it.

Date #4: I was really looking forward to the date last night. The guy, Mike, seemed genuine, non-pretentious, thoughtful, open to traveling, and...well...a great balance to me.

Even though I tried not to, I had great hopes.

So I got to the place and decided to wait outside. After a few minutes, I decided to check inside. That's when I noticed that he was already sitting at the bar. With a beer. HE ALREADY HAD ORDERED THE BEER. I said something like, "oh - so we're sitting at the bar?" and he was all, "Yeah."

The bartender (who notices that Mike and I are talking and likely together) comes up and asks what I would like to drink. I say what I'd like...the bartender pauses awkwardly and then asks if I would like to open a tab or pay as I go. So I paused. When Mike didn't say anything, I said "I guess I'll open a tab" and the gave the bartender my card. Now, it's not like Mike didn't know that that was going to be a question, since CLEARLY he had just gone through that experience not 2 minutes before. And really? At that point I knew he would have to work a lot harder to actually have a second date with me.

Here are the stats from the date:
Number of total minutes on the date: 124
Number of beers he ordered: 1
Number of beers I ordered: 1
Number of minutes into the date I was ready to leave: 15
Number of minutes it took me to finish my beer: 35
Number of glasses of water I had after I finished my beer: 4
Number of minutes it took him to finish his beer: 119
Number of times he said the word "stalker": 6
Number of times I had to explain the difference between being a stalker and being persistant: 2
Number of questions he asked me: 2
Number of times he said "I don't get why I'm not getting's not like I'm picky!": 1
Number of times I told him that the above comment probably wasn't appropriate on a date: 1
Number of times I inwardly rolled my eyes: 532
Number of times I wondered why I am doing online dating: 16
Number of minutes between his empty cup hitting the coaster & me driving off the parking lot: 4
Number of dates we will go on again (with each other): 0



Amy said...

At least you are getting out there and meeting people and seeing what is out then. When they start talking about stalkers that is a little different.

Ginger said...

Sorry about Mike.. He had so much potential! We thought. But then, anyone can look good in print.

kristi said...

Oh man... I feel guilty for laughing, but I was LOLing at your breakdown of the night! I know exactly what you mean and I have been there (therefore it is okay for me to laugh). I really wish that I could send you on dates for me as a scout. I could then read your blog and decide if I should go out with him! Hey- you could start a whole business!

happyfunpants said...

kristi - If I find a keeper, I'm him. :)

And seriously, I'm glad you found my post funny. Because I'm all about the laugh. :)