Thursday, February 26, 2009

Skiing pics

Just to prove that I did, in fact, go skiing this past weekend, I thought I'd post some pictures.

This is me on the lift:

And this is a picture of Kelly and I on the lift:


Proof that I was there. :)

Alright, there is actually one picture where you can tell it was me on the lift - but I look like Jabba the Hut Skier and it may be one of the most unflattering pictures ever.

Here's me outside of the place where we ate lunch. My hair looks special...I know. But it helps keep it out of my face-hole while skiing. Also, the day before when I had it in braids down the side of my head, it looked even more stupid. Trust me, this was an improvement.


Ginger said...

FUN! I'm jealous of your excursion AND hair.

I SO need a vacation!!!

SuperDave said...

Skiing, I love skiing!
I forgot you live in "Mile High."
I bet you have good places to ski.
Cool hat!