Sunday, April 05, 2009

I'll name him Pete

Alright people. I need you.

Here's the problem: I'm noticing that there is a lot of orange hair in the shower these days. Like A LOT. An alarming amount.

Because I'm trying to think about things logically, I've come up with three possible reasons this could be happening:
1. I'm going bald either due to stress, alopecia, or another illness.
2. It may not be all that much. I may just notice it more because my hair is getting longer. Also, I know dogs shed in the spring time...does the same thing happen with people? Am I shedding?
3. I have a baby orangutan that also lives in my house and takes a shower when I'm not looking.

To be honest, I think I'd like option #3 the best. Because LOOK HOW CUTE THEY CAN BE:

I'd totally name him Pete.

Anyway, is there something to option #2? Or does everyone lose their hair like this? It doesn't come out in clumps per se as I'm washing my hair, but as I'm running my hands through my hair it'll be like LOTS of strands at once.

How much hair do you lose? Have you ever gone through this before?

If not, what do orangutans eat?

When I was looking for pictures, I came across this little guy:

I was going to use him as the "cute orangutan" picture, but to be honest, he looks a little too freaked out. It could be because he's dressed in clothes or it could be that he's shocked by how much hair he's losing too. Either way, I had to include him in this post.


Amy said...

Love the pictures. My hair does the same thing. I am not sure why either.

kristi said...

Same thing here. I notice even more hair in the sink when I don't wash my hair for a day. I also notice more in my brush, which freaks me out too because how can one person have that much hair?? Have you had your thyroid checked? Mine was jacked and now I'm on meds. Apparently low thyroid can lead to hair loss. Booo.

Jen said...

Hey Anne,

I too go through phases where I tend to loose more hair than other times! I did however loose quite a bit of hair when I lost all that weight a couple of years ago. Maybe that's why you are loosing more hair now? Do you take mulit vitamins? That seemed to help me!

Hope that helps!! I am sure it's fine!! I love your little friend Pete though, he's a cutie!

Patty said...

I vote 3 also. How funny would it be if Pete was really the reason. I too lose what I think is a lot of hair. But I've always lost hair in the shower so I don't worry too much. I did worry a few weeks ago but it seemed to be okay.

Sorry, not sure I helped at all.

Rebecca Jo said...

Hi... found you through Little Miss Sunshine's blog!!!

And yes, I went through a season of loosing my hair too! My doc said its normal to go through "spurts" of loosing old hair & growing new.. its very upsetting though when I get a hunk of hair in my hands... :-(

Anonymous said...

Anne, his name is Walter, send him home. ~~~Kris

SuperDave said...

I get this question all the time from my patients.
The avg person loses 20 to 200 hairs a day. The fact that you have long hair makes you notice it that much more. Don't worry.
If you see more than that every day consistently, investigate further. I can give you more info if you want it.
Again don't worry.

MizFIt said...

it could be totally the average or, for me, when I shifted my diet tremendously (and oddly enough to eating far better!) I went through a more than normal shed but one which wasnt discernible on my head (if that makes sense)

I love pete.
send him over here to play please :)

happyfunpants said...

Thank you all so much for your help on this! I feel MUCH more normal...and my hair shedding has decreased significantly since this weekend.

Also, Pete says hi. :) He'd tell you himself, but he's eating a banana. :)