Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In a word, "FA-BOO-LOUS"

I have lost my super cool, lightweight Ray Ban sunglasses.

I'd like to say that I'm freaked out about this, but to be honest, I lose crap ALL THE TIME so I can't really get worked up about this one. Unless I'm driving. And then all bets are off because the bright sunlight hits some spot in my brain (via my eye-hole) that makes me want to kill people.*

Anyway, I typically have a pair of back up sunglasses for such an occasion. I actually got a trendy looking pair, but they have been so bent out of shape that one of the lenses rubs up against one of my eyelashes. The other lens is super low on my eye. So I actually look like a freak because I'm lopsided and irritated that my eyelashes are being pushed into my eye. I don't wear those sunglasses any more.

Because of this, I was forced to break out my back-up- back-up sunglasses. I bought them in Mexico last year in January while vacationing with my family. See, I had forgotten my sunglasses on that trip and walking along the beach front was too much for my eyes. Because they had knock-offs everywhere, I decided to buy some seriously funny sunglasses. After all, they were like $5 and who cares what I look like in Mexico? So since I happened to be wearing black and red that day, I found this pair of Chanel knock-offs that were also red and black. My older sister encouraged me to get them insisting that they were the perfect Mexico accessory. As you can see in the picture below, they clearly complimented my outfit:

Yes - that IS me doing my best Karate Kid impression. Really it was to try to bring my leg up to my face so you could see how perfectly the sunglasses matched. :)

So those are the sunglasses that I wear around town these days. I feel more than a little silly putting them on. I mean, THEY ARE HUGE on my face.

But I also feel a little fabulous. I mean, they're outrageous... but kind of in a cool way.

*When I first typed that word, it totally came out as "pope." I'm not going to lie to you...I'm a little freaked out about writing "kill" and "pope" together.


Rebecca Jo said...

I am so bad with loosing sunglasses... but right now my favorite pair are like you are talking about - the HUGE kind that cover my face! I have fat cheeks so the bigger the glasses, the happier I am!!

Totally loving the Mexico picture!!

Slackey said...

You're adorable.

I just bought a pair of jumbo sunglasses. I look like I should be 85 and ordering a gimlet while I wear them- especially frightening in that I don't know what a gimlet is.

Hope you're having a lovely day... and try not to kill any popes! :)

Amy said...

Maybe your sun glasses will show up with our missing sippy cup.

Bonnie said...

I freak when I lose my sunglasses because they are prescription and I don't have a fabulous back up pair. Love the Karate Kid pose!

Charlie Hills said...

Anne, head on over to Lynn's Weigh today. There's a small joke in one of my interview replies that if no one else gets, you will. :)

monica said...

You are my hero! I know, doesn't relate much to this post ... but I just wanted to say that. Nothing else. Goodbye. :-)