Tuesday, April 28, 2009



First, you need to know that I am a freak about things being even. I don't know what it is about me, but if someone picks up my meal or beer I feel guilty somehow. It takes me a LOOOOOOOONG while to not be all weird about it. It's driven boyfriends of mine crazy because I insist on paying for my fair share. I'm getting better about it...but it's a slow process.

So the guy that I'm going out with tonight emailed me a little while ago saying that he was looking forward to the date. I, of course, replied and let him know that I was looking forward to it as well. It sounded hokey to leave the email at that, so I opted to write something else. Since we're meeting downtown (and a lot of the parking is metered), I wanted to write:
I'm not quite sure of parking around there, but I'll come prepared with many quarters. :)

I sent off the email and got a response back that said some other stuff and then:
I should be done by 7 and I am about 2 blocks from (numbered street) and (non-numbered street) so when you call I will be there fast!

And I was all...WHAT?

I read back through what I wrote and it turns out that THIS is what I wrote:
I'm not quite sure of parking around there, but come prepared with many quarters. :)

I didn't even KNOW that I insinuated that he should pay for my parking. And what kind of diva is he expecting? Of course, I immediately shot him an email back saying that I didn't mean that he should pay for my parking and apologized. That he rolled with the punches and went with the flow is pretty great in my book. Had it been me, I'm not sure what I would've responded with...


Nothing like making a great first impression. I feel like such a tool.


kristi said...

OMG for some reason that totally made me LOL! I can just see you rolling up to the meter like a diva and some guy comes running down the street with his arms overflowing with quarters to make sure your meter gets filled. HAHA! Hope you have a great date!

Slackey said...

Awwww.... it happens. He probably just thought you were teasing him, and again, it's good that he can roll with the punches. :)

Hope it went well!!

Bonnie said...

That is too funny! Can't wait to hear how the date went.