Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My first run with Nike+

Alright, so normally I would just have posted this on my weight loss/healthier living blog,* but I am so excited about this that I had to post about it here.

Today I bought the Nike+ system and I am THRILLED to have it. The absolute coolest thing about this is that you get to post a little graph afterwards. And it has A CUTE LADY WITH A PONYTAIL. All right, the website actually has a lot of cool things for runners, but LOOK AT MY CUTE GRAPH! :)

First, before you mock me, please know that a year ago I couldn't have run a mile no matter how long you would've given me. Second, it was snowing today...and although I really wanted to test out my Nike+, I have a slew of other things to do tonight. So even though I've lately been going to the gym and working out for an hour or so, today I knew I had to cut it short. Third, no, I'm not especially proud of my just under 11 minute average. That average includes my walking warm up for and my stupid moment (see below). So it's not fast, but it is a start. And I'm thrilled that I now have a starting point. :)

And WOW I am a dork. Tonight I was determined to run the 2 miles straight so I could post a cute little graph (ahem, did you notice how cute it is??). In order to do so, I had to change my speed to be between 5.7 miles an hour and 5.2 miles per hour. I got to where I wasn't really looking at the controls and felt all cool because I could hit the up and down button for speed without looking.

That is, until I hit the "emergency stop" button on the treadmill instead of the "go one increment slower" button by accident. Uh. So my treadmill came to a screeching stop and I looked around and tried to pretend that I normally stop my workouts after a mile and a half and then re-start. Um...yeah. Of course, I had to act like I meant to do that. Kind of like when you trip over something on the road and your whole body ends up lurching forward...and then in order to save face you have to start a way to mask that you totally almost ate it on the pavement. was like that. Only since everyone was listening to their music, I couldn't cover my stupidity up with a "Wow. 1.57 miles. I usually stop there to do a different interval workout, but today, I'm just going to start again!"

I'm just glad that they didn't know that I was listening to Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy" at the time. Because THAT would've been mortifying.


*that blog? Yeah, it's not as funny. Actually, it's usually not funny at all and often delves into my head about eating, Weight Watchers, issues about being fat, issues with eating, issues with body image, and my attempts to get over the issues. Basically, it'll be a never ending blog. If you thought that the sex post was bad and too revealing, you probably shouldn't go there. Heck, that whole blog could be titled TMI. It's like a frickin' girl zone full of FEELINGS and crap that makes most guys eyes roll all the way into the back of their heads. So read if you like... but please, tread lightly. I'm a tad more sensitive over there.


Slackey said...

You are quick, like a bunny. The fastest I've ever run a mile is 10 minutes, and had you asked me to do 2, there would have been crying and/or death. So you be proud of that 11 minute pace!

Also, I've been thinking about getting one of the nike things... so keep us updated on how much you love it, lol. :)

Hope you have a fabulous day!

Amy said...

Love the picture. Good luck with this.

kristi said...

Haha that bit about stopping your workout cracked me up!!!! Too funny! The Nike+ thing seems awesome. Too bad my graph would always look ridiculous like "You bothered to graph THAT?" Way cool though! Maybe someday I could do that too :)