Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Your Life

I realize that when you read "It's Your Life" you might've cringed because you thought that Thursday's song was going to feature Bon Jovi. Or maybe you donned your BJ shirt, put on a great hair band wig, and got ready to rock it out.

Either way, you should know that this post is Bon Jovi-free. Well, except for the fact that that's all I've written about up until now.


ANYway, it's no secret that I LOVE "The Biggest Loser" - except for the fact that the person who won this season weighed in at 117 pounds and looks sickly and unhealthy. I guess I should say that I really like the show - except for the finales. A couple of weeks ago, I picked up on a song that played in the background of a couple key moments of the show. After getting goosebumps, I had to find out who sang it.

The song is "It's Your Life" by Francesca Battistelli and I love it.*

Turns out, it's a Christian song by a Christian singer. I know I kid quite a bit about God on my blog, but the truth is, I love Him. EVEN though I think that he's not fair all the time - especially to women. I mean, we have to endure BABY SHOWERS...and there is no pain like that. Maybe it's because I've got two of them coming up...and I swear, if I have to play games about babies, eat baby food, having chugging races while drinking from bottles or WORSE try to identify the chocolate that has melted in a diaper (WHICH LOOKS LIKE POOP -it's not funny, it's just gross!) I'm walking out. Wait. One of the moms reads this now I HAVE to stay. Wait. She's Jewish, so she might've stopped reading at "Christian." Maybe I'm safe. Whew! Thank you Jesus!

Sorry, people. Back to the music stuff.

I actually love Francesca's CD because the tunes are catchy and, for the most part, they're a lot about how the future is unsure and she's having to learn just to trust that things will work out. And wow does that sound like me - the control freak that I am?

Without further ado, here is the song:

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*I know I'm not exactly selling this, but I think the only line I DON'T like is "The world is watching you" mostly because I put enough pressure on myself without having to think that the ENTIRE WORLD is watching everything that I do. I do, however, like the idea of the song...that each choice we make shows what is important to us. A pastor of a church I used to attend said, "To see what you really value, look at where your money goes each month." That thought stuck with me, and I like that this song helps remind me that the little intentions and actions do matter in anything: weight, health, faith, work, or your personal life.

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Willie said...

I hate baby showers too! And honestly, I'm really done with bachelorette parties as well...