Friday, May 29, 2009

Well, that sucks...

Just a few moments ago I was called into a manager's office where I was told that he was not getting a job we both hoped he would get.

He hoped he would get it so he could move on. I hoped he would get it because I really wanted his job. :) Looking at the people that were eligible for his job, I was the most qualified person to step into his place.

So I sent out a text message to some people that knew about this possible opportunity - just to let them know that it didn't pan out after all.

The silver lining? At least I have a job.

EVEN more of a silver lining? My mom, who does not text and is not the most computer/technology literate person, texted BACK "rats."

How cute is that? My mom actually texted. :) And it was one of my mom's typical mom-isms. She's proper - so she doesn't say curse words...just something along the lines of "fiddlesticks." I just can't get over how cute that was.

So as bummed as I am about the discouraging news, I'm so happy I have a supportive silly mom. :)


Rebecca Jo said...

If she doesnt normally text, I wonder how long it took her to type out RATS! :) That's so sweet she did that though! Mom support is the best!

Rachel said...

I cannot believe that Mom texted you (or anyone!). May 29, 2009, is a day to be commemorated!

And I completely agree with her, rats, fiddlesticks, bummer, pttth :)

Marc said...

....who raped my wife. No curses, but giving G a lap dance? F#$% yes.

Jen said...

Sorry to hear about not getting that position! Bummer. I saw your comment on my design blog and yes, the link for my blog roll is from a former post. I back dated it when I created the nav bar as a way to hide the post but yeah it's totally a previous post! Hope that helps!


POD said...

Rats *is* so cute. Yay for moms.
(notice how I'm catching up due to lost time?)