Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Nice try

So I went on a date this past weekend with a guy that is actually quite the pompous ass.

But he's hot.

So I was telling a guy at work about it and he said that if he's that hot, I should "hit it and forget it."

I cocked my head to the side and said, "Do you mean, hit it and quit it? Because otherwise you might be trying to sell me a rotisserie chicken cooker where I should SET it and forget it."


Rebecca Jo said...

You are hilarious!!! The conversations you have at work crack me up!

Marc said...

I'd say hit it, try to quit it, hit it again, and then quit it. Then hit it one more time. Then, fire off a call to Ron Popeil, and order yourself a little Showtime Rotisserie, because you'll have worked up quite an appetite. "But wait, there's more..." Actually, no... that's all.

POD said...

How can you hit a pompous ass without retching? Only guys are good at hitting and forgetting. Do they even remember prior to hitting?

Anonymous said...

Remember what?