Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I do not think that word means what you think it means

Chassis, my big blue Great Dane, is fantastic. In my opinion, she is the perfect pet - which means that she is the perfect dog (because again, I'm not a huge fan of cats). Despite her health issues, she has the best disposition of any animal I've been around. But then again, I *might* be a bit biased.

She weighs in at anywhere between 140 and 150 pounds, depending on the time of year. That much dog means that she eats a lot of dog food - 6 cups a day to be exact. And in case you didn't major in math, I'll just tell you that that adds up to a CRAPLOAD (pun intended) of dog food over a month. The food that she was on was Eagle Pack Large and Giant Breed. She did so well on it, versus the previous foods that I've had her on (Canidae, Timberwolf, and even some holistic brands) that gave her horrible skin allergies and conditions. She used to literally scratch herself until she was raw. She's allergic to just about everything and changing her diet to or from anything provides more gas than anyone should be forced to be around in their lifetime. So I try not to switch much about her diet.

BUT in these economic times, Eagle Pack has continued to raise their prices. And now a 33 pound bag, which lasts her about 3 weeks, is over $45.00. That means that I pay about $60-$70 a month. A MONTH. Something had to change.

So, at the recommendation of other forums and pet food specialists, I've switched her to a brand called...


Although I didn't have a firm idea on what I expected the bag to look like, I guess I did imagine the packaging to be more...well...extreme.

For those that care, she's been on it for about a week and it's working fine so far. Her skin looks great and we're not having any more gas issues than normal. Which means for the most part, I can keep the gas masks in the closet. The added benefit is that at $33 for a 40 lb bag, it's much more affordable. AND they touted that I would be able to feed her less as the food is much more nutrient dense.

I've just cut her monthly grocery bill in half, which means that there is more money to spend on beer Plan B Bibles.


Rebecca Jo said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Great Danes - Any dog really - but I LOVE big dogs like that!

But having 4 dogs (2 being big dogs) - our dog food bill is CRAZY each month!

Oh well... they're worth it!

Sally said...

Yes! You'll have more money to spend on Bibles...wink, wink....