Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's my way of saying good morning

So, I've gotten into running the last few months...and I really love it. Except for when my knees tell me that I don't.

Since I have the eye doctor's appointment this morning, I used it as a great opportunity to get out there and run first thing in the morning. Typically, it's bright and sunny in the mornings here in Colorado, but today, not so much.

Anyway, as I'm finishing my run, and trying to cross the street, I could've sworn that I heard someone yell "Anne!"

So I, still running, turn to see who was calling me and couldn't see anyone who looked like they were trying to get in touch with me...

...and then I ran into a parked car.

I'm not kidding. I wasn't looking where I was going (obviously) and just smacked right into the side of a van. I felt SO stupid, but I was so thankful that it was early in the morning so it's not like the owner would've seen me or anything. But as I passed the drivers window, I realized that the motor was on. I turned around and saw a person in the front seat looking completely confused.

I smiled, waved, and kept running.

Because seriously, what else could I do?


POD said...


Rachel said...

You had only three options:

1. Yell at the person and ask why the car was in your way.
2. Flip them off.
3. Smile and wave.

I think you picked the best option :)

Jen said...

Oh my Goodness you had me laughing out loud with this story!! Too funny! Totally something that would happen to me!!

Thanks for the laugh!!

Charlie Hills said...

I like that you have a label for "stuff I never want to experience again"

Sally said...

The visual is just too damn funny.

I'm not laughing at you (um, well, maybe a little), I am laughing with you.

kristi said...

Oh man. That is awesome. Especially the fact that someone was in the car. You crack me up!