Thursday, June 11, 2009

Anne vs Van

Remember when I made a complete fool of myself? Well since then, I've opted to tell that story to just about anyone that will listen. I'm sure people think that it's silly or stupid of me to display my short-comings so quickly to others. However, I believe in a higher authority. Humor. Humor trumps all and any story like that one NEEDS to be shared.

Last Friday night, I hung out with some friends and, of course, I told them the story. They laughed...and then my friend DJ asked, "What if instead of shouting 'ANNE!' he was just shouting 'Watch out for that VAN!"

No. That is not what happened. I'm quite sure.

HOWEVER, I will share that since then, I now look both ways for vehicles that might hit me...and I look at vehicles that I might hit. :)

See, Mom? I'm learning.

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