Monday, June 08, 2009

I'm addicted two things:

1) Watching "Arrested Development" episodes on This show is absolutely hilarious and I finally started watching them from the first episode...which makes subsequent episodes much more funny. I highly recommend it.

2) Playing "Farm Town" on Facebook. At first, when friends told me they were addicted I looked down my nose at them. The game is so rudimentary that it seemed almost insulting to insinuate that I would even like it, let alone be addicted to it. For those that don't know, it's a game where you are a farmer. You plant stuff. You buy stuff and you harvest stuff. You can visit your friend's farms. I KNOW what you're thinking - especially if it is a variant of how lame my life is. I agree. It is lame. BUT, I challenge you to play it for two planting times without wanting to get sucked in. In fact, late Saturday night there were party at my farm with three friends I know from real life. We though it was so funny/sad that that was how we were spending Saturday night that we took a picture to commemorate the moment.


I know. I need to get out more.


Rebecca Jo said...

I'm embarassed to admit I'm addicted to Farm town too!!!

Which reminds me - I planted grapes - only 4 hours - gotta go check on them!! :)

reality said...

The first step to addiction is admiting you have a problem...Maybe there is a Farm Town Anonymous

Hello my name is Rex and have been a farm town addict for 3 weeks. I have been clean for 6 hours.

kristi said...

Our pic is so cute!!

I am so glad that you are watching AD! It is seriously my favorite show. I cannot wait to see the movie, but even then, it won't be enough!

Kelly Story said...

I have a farm that I have seriously neglected and you just might be the catalyst to get me back into it, especially if you invite me over to your next farm party!

LOVE Arrested Development!

Anonymous said...

ohhh my god!!!! I LOVE FT. I almost had a melt down last night when it was broken! I LOVE IT. Now I know what if feels like to be addicted to meth!~Kris

monica said...

LOL ... I am embarrassed to admit that I have fallen a bit behind on the blog ... but I was so happy to see my little picture here!! :-) Cheers to more farm parties (and thanks FT for giving some of us something to do with our time!)