Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bike to work day, part duex

I made it to work on Wednesday without getting hit by a car once! :)

Actually, that is not as big of a feat as not throwing up or passing out. Ever since my problem with my balls, I've been a little dizzy in the mornings...and when I bike without having anything in my stomach I start feeling really woozy. I've tried eating and then waiting 30 minutes - which according to my mom is enough time to settle the stomach for anything - and I will throw up after biking for about 5 minutes. It's really nice for the other cyclists, walkers, drivers passing by, and my overall attractiveness factor.

My co-worker, Larry the cyclist, told me that he has that problem too. He recommended eating a package of these little blocks of energy, stating that they taste just like gummy bears.

Larry is a liar.

First, when you start chewing them, they almost start melting in your mouth. They taste of not of delectable sweets from my past but rather some sort of health gel. Also, they are not in the shape of gummy bears, which is half of the enjoyment of eating gummies.

However, these little blocks of energy goo kept me from tossing my blocks... and kept me on my bike.

The actual biking was fun even if the ride back was brutal due to the heat wave that Denver has been experiencing. It was a short ride and if I ride my bike partially to work again, I'll make sure to do so in the fall.

Plus, I have a free t-shirt. And really, isn't that the most important thing?

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kristi said...

I'm glad that you biked to work! That's really cool. I live too far to bike (about 12 miles, 10 of which is freeway). Back when some people were really into biking to work and bragging about it, I almost parked about a mile away and "biked" in!