Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Might want to look that up...

So I opened up my dating site this morning...was perusing through the "matches" that they sent me.

There is one who did not put up a picture...I read this and started laughing, knowing that I would need to share:

"First of all I am not a photogenic person, but I'm pleasing to the eyes. I won't hurt you at first sight. I've been told I'm passive-aggressive, whatever that means. If I see something I like I go after it. Other than that I'm passive and cool. I like to go out to eat, but I can stay home and get down in the kitchen. "


Seriously, I cannot make this stuff up.

1 comment:

McG said...

are you sure you aren't reading the M4M ads?

Or is it possible we're all really looking for the same thing, well sortof?