Friday, June 27, 2008

They don't teach you that in Sunday School...

Okay, this post is not for the faint at heart.

Today, my friend Kelly Story stopped by to drop off a free ticket for next week's 4th of July shindig. I'm not sure what's involved other than fireworks, drag racing, and beer, but I think it'll be fun anyway. :)

So for some reason, I went over to Lance's cube. And one of our other co-workers walks up and says "Jokes are funny." Pause.

He says that he's got a great joke.

But then he can't remember it.

So he tried to remember it.

Still no joke.

We tried to change the subject and that's when he said "What's the difference between rape and seduction?" My jaw dropped.

He can't remember the punchline. I really tried to change the subject.

He says, "I remember! Salesmanship."

Uh. I said "That's not funny, it's scary. And untrue."

A guy from the shop walks up, having heard this and says, "it's like my buddy used to say...when a Jehovah Witness comes to his door and asks if he found Christ, he says, 'Yeah and I want to file press charges because he raped me.' Haha. When they ask me that I just say I worship Satan. And you know? I've never had one person come back."

I was all WHAT?!?!!?! I don't even know what else to say.

I mean, I am shocked. All this time, I thought Jesus was a pacifist!

Okay, seriously... what is WRONG with the people I work with?


Anonymous said...

Was his initial apparent inability to remember the punchline part of "selling" the joke?

Did he think telling the joke to the opposite sex would improve his chances at a laugh?

Does the fact that I know one or more people that have had an "experience" apparently affect the "humorous-ness" of the joke? Um, yes.

That being said, I HAVE had the stray thought of various possible responses to Jehovah Witnesses.

Sounds like your office is pretty typical, in a sexist, sexual harassment sort of way. The company I work for has some of these tendencies. Maybe one day...

Not sure if this comment helps. :)

happyfunpants said...

1) No - he really forgot it. He's like that. You know...awkward and forgetful.

2) No - I think he is also oblivious to the fact that I am female and also that that joke may be offensive to anyone.

3) I don't know which joke you're referring to. Either way if someone was raped by Christ or a bad salesman, it's not good.

And I avoid the whole JW thing because I don't answer my door. EVER. Unless I'm expecting someone. And then I turn off the TV, close the windows, and stop breathing so they can't tell that I'm in there.

Also, seriously - it's like that at your company too? Yikes. It's catching.


McG said...

oh dear lord.

I have a joke to tell you the next time I see you.....

actually two. I can always remember the punchline but I'm likely going to hell for both of them.