Sunday, June 29, 2008

So sad it's silly...

So the blog page is coming along beautifully thanks to Jen.

I've been looking for some cool fonts to use as my header. Wait, let me rephrase. I've been looking for new fonts for Jen to use in my header.

I came across a font called "Bring In The Frowns."

These are so sad, they're cute.

I wonder how they got to be so sad... maybe it's because you'd have to pay $24.00 to use them. I would think they would be vastly under-used. Our economy must be bad when even letters can't get work.

And by the way, when did the test sentence of change from "the quick fox jumped over the brown log and some other words to make this sentence have every letter in it including z" to the, by comparison, lengthy statement they have at the bottom of the page?

The paragraph starts with us picking jonquils and ends with jaded zombies driving oxen quietly. Which, in all honesty, perplexes me. I mean, if zombies are going to show themselves in public, will they really be intent on motivating oxen? And what do they have to be jaded about? They're frickin' UNDEAD. Cranky, smelly, or even tired I could buy...but jaded?

Why, it makes me frown just thinking about it.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they just like green jewelry. It IS pretty, after all.

happyfunpants said...


Nice reach on the jaded thing...