Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Spousal privilege

So I envision my future with my husband. It goes a little something like this:

It's in the morning and we're eating croissants and sipping mimosas while still in our robes. My hair is still a little tousled but it's in a sexy way rather than a "I couldn't get a brush through this hair even if I tried" way.

I'm reading the New York Times while he's catching up on my latest blog entry. We laugh and laugh at my witty sense of humor. He winks at me after he notices that I put a reference in for just him. Our eyes lock across the table and he knows that he is so lucky to be with this funny, brilliant person.

When we're done gazing at each other, we get up from the table...allowing our maid to come in and throw away the dishes (we're so rich, we can afford new place settings daily and besides, it's smart to conserve water!). He then picks up the phone to call his buddies and they go over the humor of my blog like most guys go through plays made by their favorite football teams. Comparing blog posts like others would compare stats.

Okay, I're thinking that I'm not being realistic at all... and you're right. I mean, we probably couldn't afford new place settings every day - we'd probably have to re-use them once.

Seriously ladies, is this realistic? Do your husbands/boyfriends even read your blogs or is it a special occasion when they do? If they used to read it often, has it slacked as your marriage has continued? I'm wondering if they still read it when you're essentially blogging about their life too. Even if you're not blogging about your life together, they probably hear all the stuff you're writing about anyway, right?


Jen said...

Yum Yeah, not so realistic!! I am pretty sure my hubby does read my blog on a regular basis but instead of laughing at my humorous wit, he's correcting my grammar!! It really pisses me off when he picks at it but at the same time I am grateful he catches my mistakes!!

happyfunpants said...



Well, maybe the part about the mimosas can be true sometimes. :)

Ginger said...

Rich reads when he remembers. He rarely comments, but when he does, it's like a freakin' parade should be thrown in his honor. Oooh. Rich actually responded.. let's reward him so he might do it again in the next millineum..

rassa frassa.

Jen said...

Is NEVER responds! He's very private!! My friend Bonnie, swears he's in the witness protection program or something!!

McG said...

This reminds me of the sex and the city episode where one of the girls .... can't remember which one. is in bed with a giant bowl of chocolate ice-cream receiving hours of "service" from a guy under the sheets.

This is the sort of fantasy we can all certainly aspire to.