Sunday, July 27, 2008

Funny in Philadelphia

Adam Gertler was robbed tonight.

He totally should have won "The Next Food Network Star." I like the guy that did win - he's nice in an awkward way. But Adam has been my favorite since the beginning and have loved his humor (excepting the tripping thing on the ship - that was not a good idea).

Anyway, he is funny AND has great recipes involving beer AND chicken. I like beer, funny guys, and chicken! So I'm at a loss as to why he lost.


He's definitely the best thing about Pennsylvania.


kristi said...

Oh no! I haven't watched the finale yet, but now I see no reason to. I loved Adam also! I can't stand Lisa so please don't even say that that biatch won. If I was going to watch someone cooking food on TV, it would've been Adam.

Remember that woman who won last season? I can't even remember her name because she was apparently so forgettable, but I never saw her on the Food Network with her own show. I'm sure if Adam won, I would've at least had TiVo search for him.

happyfunpants said...

DOH! Sorry I spilled the beans!

The show is worth watching still, in my opinion. Mainly because Adam is funny and I thought he did a great job.


And I did see a small part of the Gourmet Next Door. Amy Somethingpants was her name I think. Anyway, it was HORRIBLE and boring to watch...thus the 5 minutes limit that I reached. :)