Thursday, July 24, 2008

That song is stuck in your head, too?

This weekend while hanging out with my sister, we bought Sigg bottles. I first learned about this on Kristi's post. I was shocked to learn that my plastic bottle was not so safe any more...or rather that it hasn't been safe but I just found out about it. Sigg's website shows that you could customize your water bottles at one point. Unfortunately, they're so busy supplying them for stores, they had to discontinue this option.

Anyway, I purchased a super cute one from Whole Foods. I immediately began using it and have possibly quadrupled my water intake. I love drinking out of this thing. I would post a picture of it, but after going through 8, 342 image pages I still can't find the dang thing. It's cute. And it's made usuing eco-friendly sources/processes. I feel good drinking from it - and it's not just the water intake.

I also purchased those cloth bags with the sturdy bottoms when I was at Whole Foods. I only purchased two as Elizabeth said that she would send me some that she bought in El Paso. I used them yesterday for the first time and was able to put $105 of groceries in the two bags. Two less bags in the landfills and two less bags taking up my precious under-the-kitchen-sink space.

My recycling container is getting fuller each two weeks - as I'm paying attention to what can be recycled or re-used and what would need to be thrown away.

I think Kermit's wrong. It is easy to be green...or at least it's getting easier.

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kristi said...

Hey you got a Sigg bottle before me! I've been holding out for designing my own, but I realize that every day that goes by, I continue to drink my carcinogenic Nalgene water. Perhaps I should just buy one already designed. :) I didn't know they had them at Whole Foods... I'm gonna check that out!