Monday, July 28, 2008

Big head

This morning I was running late to work and was on the phone with my best friend trying to figure out how I can start working for her company.

My boss is kind of a stickler for being on time - especially on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - which are our meeting days. So on those days, I'm usually screeching into the parking lot about a minute until the time I'm supposed to be inside. I don't look at it like I'm running late, I look at it like I'm being efficient.

At any rate, I hopped out of my car and started walking quickly to the passenger side to get the rest of my stuff. As I was walking around the car, a guy in a lawn maintenence truck shouted "HEY!" I turned and he shouted (from inside his truck) "Can I have your number?" And I was shocked. Because you should see what I look like on Monday mornings. I sort of look like the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons.

Anyway, he shouted out, "I want your number. Are you married?" And because I can't lie very well (even to a random guy in a truck), I said no. So he asked me again for my number, and I said, "no thanks!" like he was offering me a donut or help with my bags or something.

But really, I'm flattered. Sure it's a random guy in a truck, but out of these women at our office he picked ME.


Jen said...

That does always make you feel good! I think it's funny that you said "No Thanks!" Too funny!! I hope you're having a good Monday!!

McG said...

You know a gay man would KILL to have a butch guy holler at 'em. LOVE IT!