Tuesday, July 08, 2008

'Cause you're a dennnnnntist!

So long story short, I went to my endodontist (he's like a surgeon for teeth) yesterday.

I first met with him a couple of weeks ago. And I just have to get this out of the way. He's so very good looking. Kind of a jerk-hole, but super hot. And single. And I think that he likes me because he could NOT keep his hands out of my mouth!

Okay then...

So yesterday I had a retreatment done on a tooth that I've already had a root canal on. It's like a do-over.

The good news? Dr. Cameron is still has hot as what I remembered. He found another canal, hole, area, etc. that wasn't drilled by my dentist. And he drilled deeper than before. Apparently I have big, long teeth. He kept saying, "You have really long teeth, my dear!" which made me feel like I was forgetting the line in some children's bedtime story. Is that when I'm supposed to say "the better to eat you with?" because that's just creeptacular.

The bad news? He ran out of anesthesia before he finished. Which means I was in quite a bit of pain when he stopped.

And what do you know? The pain hasn't stopped.

But I'm going to try to be a brave little toaster and go into work today anyway. Sure it hurts to talk. Sure, that's the major factor of my job. But I'm running very low on sick/personal/vacation days and really? I just don't want to spend the day sleeping and hopped up on Vicodin. By the way, it makes me SUPER sleepy...so maybe I shouldn't take it before driving and going to work.


But the pain won't stop. So Vicodin it is!

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