Thursday, July 24, 2008

Off to the gun store...


Dealing with one of our new inside sales people is giving me thoughts of asking my boss for the rest of the day off work, driving to a gun store, filling out whatever paperwork is required for a gun, waiting three days, and then shooting myself.

Oh, and my name is NOT Ann Kennedy!

For Chissakes! Get to know my name before asking me for help. If you don't know it, then just type/say something vague. It always works for me when I can't remember people's names. OR you can use one of the following things I respond to: Fun Pants, Tex, Red, A, Hey you, Lady, GAH! You again!, Honey, Pickles, Hey hey! and any general groaning noise.

1 comment:

Ginger said...

You don't actually have to go through all of that paperwork process just for a gun! All you have to do is befriend a chimp:

But don't do it (shoot yourself, that is.. Befriend all the chimps you want.. I don't hate.). Simply step away from the crazy people, take a deep breath, and sing one of your favorite Nickleback songs. Doh! We’re back to guns aren’t we!?

Glad to see you had fun with your sis. AND yes, it is getting easier to be green. I heart Kermie..