Thursday, June 05, 2008

Never again!!!!

Songs I never want to hear again:
ANY song by Nickleback. I can't pick one out from another because THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME. And by same, I mean bad.

The ad I never want to see again:
The stupid Yoplait ad where the women are dressed up in bridesmaid dresses talking about how good the yogurt is ("burning this dress good!") UGH! Seriously? How many more years am I going to have to see this crap? I think it's been on for a decade and I can't take it anymore. I literally don't want to buy Yoplait because of that commercial. It's like "I want to scream during the whole commercial so I don't have to hear it again bad."

And yes, listening to these IS like prison!


kristi said...

I saw that Yoplait commercial again just now. I can't say I hate that actress because she's in a show that I like, but I DO hate how she says "BOOKAY".

Anonymous said...

So, is it like not being in Prison - good?

McG said...

btw.... all nickelback songs are the same...

you can match up the beats and play one in the left channel, one in the right and voila.... there the exact some guitar riffs, drumbeats, etc. SCARY

happyfunpants said...

McG - I think by "scary" you mean "bad."