Sunday, June 08, 2008

So. Very. Excited.

Remember the whole reason of why I started this blogspot account? It was because my blogs on myspace were getting I entered a new blog, I would erase my oldest one. And that's just sad.

Today, I was remembering that statement that once something is on the internet, it can't really ever be erased. So I googled "happy fun pants" and came up with a cached version of my old blog stuff on myspace.

I wish that I could have copied the comments too. Suffice it say, I was thrilled that the stuff I'd written was found again.

I do remember deleting a lot of stuff about Jon after we broke up. And honestly? I wish I hadn't. I'm not necessarily happy about how that relationship ended, but at the same time, it happened. And I don't ever want to delete things in my life - I'm stronger for having gone through them - no matter what hell it felt like at the time.

Anyway, I'm not necessarily expecting you to go back and read the archives (everything pre- February 2008) but I'm glad that my favorite blog posts are reunited with me. :)

My favorites? Funny or not so funny?, What's In A Name?, and How Not to End a Date.


I love the internet. :)


Husker Chic said...

OK so I know I wasn't here when you started because let's face it I'm old and a Gen Xer instead of a cool Gen Y but I am so enjoying catching up via blog and all the "happy fun pantisms" because you really can never have to many of them in your life!!

And by the way you go girl what doesn't kill us definitely makes us stronger!

McG said...

YAY!!!! that's awesome!!!!

Matt said...

Ok. So I have some comments on "Funny or not so funny?"

Funny. Thats my vote. I think that you and I should not leave the house without a chalk board in our possesion so we can bust that sh*t out to draw idiots a picture to help explain why things are funny!
My dad used to tell my stepmom, "I think I am funnier than you think I am". I feel this way too.


Ginger said...

Glad you got your life back..

happyfunpants said...

YAY! :) Me too! :)

So glad to see you on here husker chic. :) It has been too long! :)

And also, Matt? I love that quote. I shall be using it multiple times today I fear. :)