Friday, September 26, 2008


I alluded to the idea that me being 31 is somehow pushing me to make changes for the better in my life.

Here are ways I'm making changes:

1. Flossing. I've flossed for two days IN A ROW. I don't believe this has ever happened in my life. Seriously, WHO flosses twice a day? What about every day? I want to hear from you. UNLESS you're in the dental field...because then it doesn't count. You're abnormal. What? I'm just being honest.

2. Doing something physical with my body daily (in the absence of a boyfriend, I'm working out at the gym). It now is fun versus being something I had to do. I'm not quite sure when that switched, but hey, my body FEELS better when it's moved. Go figure.

3. Ironing. Seriously, I think I've lived off of the Downy Wrinkle Releaser since it's inception. I avoid clothes that can't have the wrinkles sprayed out of them...but lately I've been appreciating the crispness that comes from ironing. I'm not sure that this makes me a better person, but it makes me LOOK like a better person.

4. Caring about politics. And I know, people have differing views than me. What I can say about that is that I respect your views. But vote for chrissakes!! This year, I care very much about the political process in our country and I encourage you to get to know the candidates (first debate is tonight) and then exercise your ability to vote!

5. Getting up earlier/going to bed later. Again, my body LIKES sleep. And I get so much more done on the weekend when I'm not sleeping in until noon. Usually I'm up by 8...and that feels like sleeping in (compared to my normal 5:30 AM alarm) so I don't feel deprived. Please note that when the source of the exercise changes slightly (see above) I may start sleeping in again.

6. Driving safer. Alright, I'm not doing this all the time...but it is getting significantly better. Why, I think my mom could even be in the car with me without gasping and frantically trying to find the handle in the headliner of the car. Or at least without doing it as much.

7. Watching reruns of Matlock, Murder She Wrote, and Golden Girls. Really, this would just be a sign that I'm getting older... And I'm kidding about all of them...except Golden Girls. I still watch that from time to time. It reminds me of skiing and my best friend and it reminds me that cheesecake can still solve serious problems.

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Lyn said...

Hey there, you are setting some great goals for yourself! And I do floss every day, mainly because I got sick of my teeth falling out of my head (well not literally, but they were going to start soon with all the cavities I was getting between my teeth). I asked my dentist once when he told me, "you should floss your teeth daily"... I asked, "all of them?" and he said,"no. Only the ones you want to keep."

hehe :)