Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesdays with Dmitry

Today I meet with a personal trainer.

When I joined my gym a week ago they guy who signed me up was trying to get me to buy personal training sessions. I kept saying no. So he told me that he would give me a free session and then asked if that was okay. I tried not to beat up on myself, but in my mind I was all "Have you seen me? Perhaps I can start by losing 450 pounds and then we can talk about toning" but then I remembered that this time, this time I'm losing weight, is going to be different. I'm taking a healthier approach and have decided that I'm doing things that are healthier for my mind, body, and spirit. And adding some weight training would be healthier for my body. So I said yes to a one time free training session.

Dmitry, the guy who is has things to be self conscious about too (he's about three apples tall) is going to teach me how to be healthier today. What I thought was going to be a re-introduction to the weight machines, turns out to be an overall health assessment. Which I am so very not looking forward to. He indicated that he'd like me to get on the exercise machines and see me work out. Umm...can we skip that part and all agree that I'm overweight? PLEASE? Because if you watch me AND you put me on a treadmill, I'm likely to trip and take out all the people behind me. FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR OCCUPANTS, please don't make me do that.

Last week, I looked forward to working out each day. Today I'm dreading it. And I don't want that place to be a place I dread. I'm dreading it because while I'm trying to do something good for myself, I don't want judgement. I don't want someone to look at me, shake their head, and say something that will allow me to make an excuse to never come back. I've debated cancelling the appointment or at least re-scheduling until I feel better about whatever he's going to say. I guess I'm most frustrated because what I'm getting is not what I want. What I'm getting is a health assessment and since I already feel so very low about my health I don't want to feel lower. I thought I was getting an introduction to how all the machines work.

Maybe I'll call him today. Maybe I'll call him and ask in greater detail what is supposed to go down. And explain to him what I thought it was going to be like...and then ask if there is something in the middle we can agree on. I'm hoping he'll understand since he probably has been self concious of his height. I'm hoping he'll understand what it's like to be teased and judged. While I know that it's likely that he's a high school bully, or at least that he still acts like one, I guess I just want reassurance that I'm not going to leave there crying either.


Anonymous said...

First take a breath :)
Second, Dmitry will most assuredly not pick you apart or beat you up. What he IS likely to do is make sure you are getting the most out of your workouts. He will provide you with an objective view of your workout approach that will help you avoid potential injuries that can occur. This is not a non-standard thing, is what I'm saying. Don't be afraid to ask questions, his job is to assist you in your efforts. He is supposed to have mucho more experience on the road to better health. I realize it is hard to trust someone with this early on, most everyone is uncomfortable when going into a gym and asking questions. Most keep their heads down and do what they think is best. You have a goal or goals, so be honest with him. Tell him what you want out of your time there. You would do the same with anyone else in another profession. Tell him what you want and what you expect. He should be able to tell you how to go about attacking your goals in the safest ways possible. You're paying for service, don't be afraid to ask questions. You will gain more confidence from the experience, which is never a bad thing. Next thing you know, you will find yourself watching someone who is clearly trying all of it for the first time, and having trouble, and you can lean over and offer encouragement. And really, don't we all need a touch of it now and then? Good luck. I'm sure everything will be fine. (Extra confidence boost - you'll tower over him?) :)

Jon Hey said...

From someone who has a trainer, GO! It is SOOOO worth your time and money. (Well, unless he charges like a gazillion dollars.) I never realized how little I was really doing to my body until I had a trainer seriously kick my butt.

I also had fears, but honestly - NO ONE is watching you. They are too focused on their own pain and sweat to worry about what you look like.

Do not be scared. Enjoy the time, listen, learn, and take the full hour. Then, sign up if you like him. If you don't, try a different trainer. Whatever you do, don't be scared. It will be good for you, I promise!

McG said...

You've already received some great advice, YAY!

Just remember a few keys:

1. The trainer is going to be objective. If he isn't, he's a crappy trainer.

2. Jon was almost correct.... Most folks aren't going to be watching you because they are going to be too afraid someone is watching them. The gym is a great equalizer. Don't let yourself be intimidated.

3. You think you're self-conscious? We all are, but think about how self-conscious those guys are who are pumping chemicals into their bodies. THEY have some issues.

4. Take the feedback objectively... Treat it as non-personal and non-judgemental. What? Yeah.... I just realized this past year that all feedback wasn't meant as a criticism. This is the same, the trainer is trying to be helpful. If he isn't? Fire him. Find someone who is.

Enjoy the heck out of it, and remember that this growth period is just a temporary pain point. Congratulations on already taking the first scary step of signing up. It gets WAY easier from there.

kristi said...

I really hope that things go well at your session! I'm sure it won't be nearly as bad as what you've conjured up in your mind. Just as another option, have you considered going to Curves? I was hesitant at first, but it's so great! You're surrounded by fun women with the same self-conscious issues you may have, but it's a much less intimidating environment. Think coffee shop vs. meat market. I love it.

Ginger said...

Oh my gosh you have some REALLY good friends. I can't offer advice about the gym because I have never been brave enough to hire a professional trainer. But I love what everyone else had to say and I want to be supportive, too.

Also, I was/am (am paying for but do not go anymore) Curves, and I LOVED it. I need to find a way to get back to a work out schedule of some sort, but I think I'll go ahead and blame the baby on this one..